SQLite Import changes - QP 6.74.64

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SQLite Import changes - QP 6.74.64

Unread postby Sonideft » Sun Sep 17, 2023 11:10 am

There have been important changes to the SQLite data import feature that some users should be aware. There have been some field changes, deletion of one table, plus the addition of one table. Please refer to the online Import web help for exact details. This is not expected to break any existing data import files with the exception that sidewalk struts will not be imported unless the files updated to the current version.

On our website, via User Manual option, or via any Help key or button used, contains an updated empty data import file plus the schema documentation.

1) The AttachHardware table (where struts were identified) has been dropped.
2) Fields have been added to the Attachment table to record sidewalk strut height, length and connection.
3) A Cable table has been added to facilitate the addition of cables to wire attachments. It is expected that most customers will use this to apply a default maximum bundle expected (one or more cables) and then detail some spans more accurately if any when required. This is an approach used by some for efficiency purposes.

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