Warning/Error Message Flexibility Added

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Warning/Error Message Flexibility Added

Unread postby Sonideft » Wed Mar 25, 2015 12:50 pm

Additional granular control over "some" of the errors and warnings generated by Quick Pole is now available. To better support different users doing projects under different conditions, three particular warning/errors have been selected initially. Others may be added in the future based on user feedback.

All issues that are required for adherence to CSA or NESC standards will always be generated and can never be suppressed. However, some can be changed from an Error to a Warning. In addition, other tests can be added as optional, based on user feedback.

The compliance messages that can be deemed as either an Error or a Warning are:

1. Reporting of Communications Line Plant that is closer than 1.0 meter to a Secondary Conduit Riser
2. Reporting of Communications Line Plant that is closer than 1.0 meter to a Street Light which may or may not be bonded to ground

An optional message, settable to either an Error or a Warning is:

1. Primary Voltages are within 3.0 meters of the highest Communications Line Plant.

In conjunction with these abilities being added to Quick Pole, several settings on the Project Setting tab of an opened project have been organized into different sub-tabs in the same window. These sub-tabs organize the previous project settings, plus these new ones, as follows:

1. Analysis Settings - Linear or Nonlinear
2. GIS Settings - Datum and Zone settings
3. Message Settings - the new settings mentioned in this post
4. Extra Load Conditions - Optional Extreme Ice and Extreme Wind conditions, as before
5. Storm Loads - Over-rides to the selected Storm Loading Condition (CSA Heavy, etc..)

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