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PLS-CADD Comparison Notes

Unread postby Sonideft » Fri Jan 13, 2023 10:58 am

It comes up a lot about how to compare wire tension loads between Quick Pole and PLS-CADD. The below discusses a work-around for PLS-CADD because they don't really support communication cables supported with messengers in the way that communication providers require.

The PLS-CADD user often loads the wire and initial stringing tension in their calculations – before the cable is attached. This will generate incorrect results. Another user may do the same thing but use a wire that has the extra added weight of the attached cables. This will also generate incorrect results. There is only one method that will generate correct results from PLS-CADD for communication attachments. This is not explained in their current manual, so you will need to explain this to them until things change.

The method is as follows:
First they need to string the messenger at the desired initial stringing tension and temperature.
Then they need to clip/fix the wire at both ends. This is critical and can't be emphasized enough.
Then they need to replace the wire file with one that has the added cable weight.

Then they should get the same wire tension/sag as Quick Pole.

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