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QP Update 6.74.20 - New features

Unread postby Sonideft » Mon Feb 07, 2022 8:27 am

This release includes some features that users have been requesting to make their work more efficient.

1) The Coordinates Editor now includes a column called "Connected to...", similar to the Structure Editor. It is also used as the main sort key for the table. What this means is that poles and their anchors are grouped together under this new field. As always, the table can be easily copied or pasted to or from Excel, or similar tools. Just a reminder also that the table (like most tables in Quick Pole) can be sorted in other ways by clicking on the column headers.
2) An additional column has been added to the table in the Structure Editor to indicate the utilization of guys, anchors, etc. from the last time it was analyzed. This makes it easier to see exactly see which one is overutilized and needs to be changed/edited to make the pole pass.
3) Text in the Side View window of the Structure Editor has been rearranged so that it is more visible. Sometimes the text was cutoff at the bottom.
4) A new csv output has been added that is called "Span Cable Bundles". By entering the "tag" value of a communication messenger you are interested in, Quick Pole will output by ordered spans, the messenger, cable and bundle diameters and weights.

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