6.74.16 is Stable and can be trusted!

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6.74.16 is Stable and can be trusted!

Unread postby Sonideft » Mon Jan 24, 2022 6:12 pm

Just a note to recognize that there were a few updates/patches to this version to get it correct. If you were one of the users impacted by this over the past week, we do sincerely apologize. We are looking into how this happened so that we can put in better software release controls; ideally preventing it from ever happening again. We have been putting in long hours with extra testing and verification of results to ensure all bugs have been resolved. You can now rely on Quick Pole as you have in the past.

To explain this a little, because you deserve it, Sonideft modified the Nonlinear Analysis portion of the software code in a major way. It was a significant change to that portion of the code. The benefits we are now realizing with the software changes are as follows:

1) A nonlinear analysis now typically takes even less time than before.
2) All weather load cases marked as important for strength testing, are evaluated as a set. This makes Quick Pole better able to identify both the exact weather load case and wind direction (if applicable) for all the major components tested (structure segments, guy wires, anchors, pole braces). Each component may have a different worst case than others, or others of the same type on that structure.
3) Load Nonlinearity analysis is now much faster and more accurate than ever before. Through the inclusion of our newly developed Catenary Cable Element directly into the structural analysis, convergence is now very fast and smooth.
4) For all types of Nonlinear Analysis, we can now deal with structures close to their point of instability much better than before. Prior to this release it was possible for some 90-95% utilized poles near their stability limit to be reported as UNSTABLE. Quick Pole's convergence routine could not easily find the correct equilibrium point. Now we utilize a "Load Control" methodology to incrementally evaluate a structure in load steps; each one using a higher percentage of the net assumed loads. Each load step is solved to convergence before moving onto the next higher one.
5) For structures that are already UNSTABLE (past 100% buckled), Quick Pole can now tell you exactly how close the structure is loaded to its stability point. This gives you some important information about how serious is the issue. Previous versions did not give you any insight into this at all.

These changes are part of the evolution of Quick Pole under our strategic plan, and was a necessary step in its evolution as a product to serve you better. Again we apologize for an inconvenience it may have caused. Rest assured that we will learn from this experience to do better next time.

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