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Quick Pole training.

Optimize your efficiency and knowledge.

At Sonideft, we understand that you want to get the most out of Quick Pole. You want to become very efficient in using it, understand what it is doing for you and be aware of all its time-saving features. Quick Pole is widely proclaimed to be user-friendly and quick for most users to pick up the basics quickly. That doesn't mean it is for everyone or that Quick Pole's powerful and time-saving features will be noticed. We understand that different users can have different needs and come from different backgrounds so we offer training that is customizable to your needs, of your group or company. As long as the customizations fit within the training sessions and are appropriate for most attendees, we should be able to accommodate special requests.

Joint-Use and Distribution Pole Line Design are not common topics in schools, colleges or universities. Most people in this industry learn these skills on-the-job or from training sessions like we offer here. That is why Sonideft is prepared to include one or more "fundamentals" lessons in its training offering as a customization. One thing that makes Sonideft different than its competitors is that we have a solid understanding of the Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering principles involved in Pole Line Design. Brought to a level that anyone can understand, we can also teach you the basics of:

  • Design criteria and loads
  • Wire/messenger/cable properties and behavior
  • Sags & tensions
  • Structure loading and behavior

Sonideft can meet your specific training needs and deliver it to you in the follows three methods:

Quick Pole group online training

Online Zoom Group Training

This option is the most popular choice from our customers. It offers a very economical way to get students together without the time delays and cost of traveling away from the office. It also accommodates students that may be away from their normal office location.

Out training specialists will conduct your desired training online via Zoom or similar technology. All the student needs is a good Internet connection. Students will be encouraged to participate during the session and raise their hand if they have any questions. There will be time available for students to ask their own questions and possibly share their screen, for answers from the instructor and perhaps others in the class. Quick Pole Training Manuals will be provided to all attendees that cover the specific course material requested in advance.

Limit of 6 per session

Online 1-On-1 Training

This option is best for users that can't wait for a scheduled group session, or have very specific needs. You will have personalized instruction with a lot of interaction with the training specialist. There can be time allotted to review any specific project you have or specific detailed questions; using screen sharing as needed. Our training specialist will conduct your training online via Zoom or similar technology. All you need is a good Internet connection. A Quick Pole Training Manual will be provided that covers the specific course material requested in advance.

Quick Pole one-on-one online training
Quick Pole group in-person training

In-Person Group Training

Our training specialists will be onsite to train your users and/or to "train the trainer" on the topics and content most important to you. We will be able to have one-on-one interactions with your users as they work through exercises, or during breaks, to help ensure that the material is being understood well or to answer specific questions they may have. Quick Pole Training Manuals will be provided to all attendees that cover the specific course material requested in advance.

Sonideft will come to your location, or a nearby suitable location.

Limit of 12 per session