QP 6.74.59 Update - KML and NESC support improvements

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QP 6.74.59 Update - KML and NESC support improvements

Unread postby Sonideft » Sun Jul 16, 2023 3:26 pm

In this update, the KML export option has been enhanced to include more data for use in your GIS application of choice. When you request a KML export by right-clicking on the Plan View, you will be asked if you want the "Audit" version that highlights standard communication attachment audit concerns, or the previous standard set of data we provided previously. This was done to help assist users doing widescale attachment assessments.

The new 2023 NESC standard now includes some special rules associated with power wires going into the street light (luminaire). There are different rules that depend on whether these power feeding wires have mechanical protection on them or not. Quick Pole now includes two hardware items that you can include onto the pole that identify the lowest point of these wires. Simply select them from the Master dataset and Quick Pole will do the rest, regardless if the NESC or CSA standard applies. This is separate from other street light rules and their proximity to the highest communication strand, which Quick Pole has always supported.

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