QP Update 6.74.53 - Mid Span Points/Loads

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QP Update 6.74.53 - Mid Span Points/Loads

Unread postby Sonideft » Sun Apr 16, 2023 10:11 am

For areas where Pole Owners require designers to include the loads of power service drops, the Mid Span Loads report has been a great time saver for designers working with these drops that attach in the span between poles and not the poles themselves. This report replaces the need to create spreadsheets to determine the Point Loads that must be applied to adjacent poles. As Quick Pole evolves to calculate all poles at once for each load case, the need for this report will go away. Presently the Point Loads are calculated based on the maximum tension and wind condition for the power service drop laterals. This is not necessarily in sync with the loads being assessed at the main line poles, but it is the assumption Designers used to use in their spreadsheets.

We changed a number of things to improve mid-span taps in general and posted it to a new version 6.74.53.

1. We added an automatic numbering scheme/counter to mid spans and included them in their title that appears everywhere. The description of the point is rarely helpful, so this way you can find each one and have other messages/reports and Explorer View identify each one uniquely.
2. We added an option for mid-spans in the clean/purge button in the Plan View. Unused ones can be removed easily now.
3. During project opening, additional logic has been put in place to help ensure mid span points are associated with a mainline span. The tolerance was widened to 3.0m
4. During project analysis, tests for un-associated mid spans will happen. Since it is important for the midspan loads report, a Dialog will popup telling you about the issue and exactly what mid span point is involved (which you can now find). You have the option of continuing with the analysis or exiting to fix the issue. This Dialog will also be used for detected model data issues that sometimes occur, such as pole species missing, height above ground set longer than the pole, etc.
5. The Mid Span Loads report now includes the lateral span description, which now includes a unique identifier for the mid span point. You should be able to identify easier which laterals are contributing to the loads displayed.

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