Clarification on GIS settings

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Clarification on GIS settings

Unread postby Sonideft » Wed Aug 10, 2022 9:03 am

Related to GIS, we would like to clarify how Quick Pole currently works..

Importing data:
1) KML and IKE JSON files always assume WGS84 Datum is what the longitude and latitude are based upon
2) CSV imports will accept Longitude and Latitude values, if available. If no Northing/Easting is provided a conversion will be made using the PROJECT’s Datum/Zone from provided Long/lat

Coordinates Editor & Edit Structure Coordinates Dialog
1) If editing long/lat, the PROJECT’s datum/zone is used for any conversions. If you have long/lat based on WGS84, let usknow and we can provide an option.
2) If pasting from Excel (or other) directly into the Coordinates Editor with long/lat values, the PROJECT’s datum/zone will be used for conversions

1) KML exports will convert northing/easting values to WGS84 long/lats as that is the required assumption.
2) CSV exports will provide long/lats based on the Project’s datum/zone. We can add WGS84 fields separately if required.

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