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QP 6.74.23 GIS Defaults

Posted: Fri Mar 04, 2022 7:11 pm
by Sonideft
There has been some questions lately about the accuracy of GIS conversions between Northing/Eastings and Longitude/Latitudes.

Most people ultimately want Quick Pole to consume and output coordinate information in a format that is consistent with Google Maps, Streetview, etc. All of these use Datum WGS84.

As of this update, all longitude/latitude conversions in Quick Pole will consistently use Datum WGS84. We welcome any feedback from users about use cases that require a conversion from/to other Datums. We already recognize that when we implement the ability for base maps (underlays), others will be required.

To be clear, the Datum/Zone able to be selected in Quick Pole projects, will continue to be associated with the Northing/Eastings used.